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We tend to imagine that a concept born can live an eternity, constantly evolving to adapt to the situation. Unfortunately, that is not the case, well, on most counts.

Effective, Wednesday 31st May 2017, the Oz Poetic Society will not only conclude one its many chapters in its existence, it will close the dust jacket and cover on a concept that was forged during the early part of 1997 from one person’s experiences, limitations and difficulties within local and international poetry circles.

As we look back at our time, the then Australian Poetic Society didn’t take its first byte until 1998. We could never have anticipated the journey that awaited us.

The Oz Poetic Society has been honoured to have supported and promoted the many contributors whom graced the pages of the Choice (2000-2003), Daily (2001-2007) and Weekly (2004-2017) Poems. Some of our contributors have go on to taste success through publishing deals.

We would like to thank everyone that took the time over the past millennium to explore and/or contributed to the Oz Poetic Society. Without each and every one of you, the Oz Poetic Society would never have made it out of the last century!

We would like to wish you all the best in current and future endeavours!

To address The Curious Record. As many of you are aware, The Curious Record is not produced nor controlled by the Oz Poetic Society. The Oz Poetic Society provided a place for The Curious Record after it lost its home.

We have kept The Curious Record in the proverbial loop. We can officially relay the decision of the The Curious Record:

“The Curious Record started as a print journal for literature and artistic expression. As times changed, so did The Curious Record, transforming into a dual based outlet before evolving into an online e-zine.

It is with a heavy heart that with a diminishing contributor base and the closure of the Oz Poetic Society (our online home), that we regret to announce that after 45 editions, The Curious Record will cease operation immediately.

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all who undertook our ‘Dare 2 Share?’ challenge set forth by The Curious Record.

Thank you.”

Joyce S.



  1. The 31st will be a sad day. The information and guidance you provided allowed me to explore the avenue of publishing, which lead to the taste of publishing success, to paraphrase your post.

    From a contributor and supporter, thank you!

  2. So sad to see both the Oz Poetic Society and Curious Record closing down. They had been apart of my life for many years.

  3. Say it isn’t true!


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